Don Adams Antenna Satellite Services: “We Know Nevada County!”

Don Adams Antenna Satellite Services: “We Know Nevada County!”

Long-time business manager takes over installation business

December 2018 – BUSINESS FOCUS: Business Profile
Interview & Photo by Trina Kleist

Owner, Maryann Rutheford

Owner, Maryann Rutheford

Nevada County’s mountains and trees draw people here – but they make it hard to bring television service to many areas. Don Adams Antenna Satellite Services works with households and businesses to bring the right kind of reception to your location.

If you call a big corporation for satellite service, the representative can order the dish to be installed only on the corner of your house – even if no signal can reach it. That’s why so many people in Nevada County call Don Adams Satellite.

“I’m not stuck in that corporate box,” says new owner Maryann Rutherford. “We’re independent. We can install anywhere, even up in a tree.”

Don Adams Satellite offers custom installation and service for Dish Network and DirecTV. You can get the hardware to make it work in your location, including coaxial cable, HDMI splitters and voice- activated remote controls.



The telephone rings at the Grass Valley office. Rutherford answers.

“Hmm,” she says, and pulls up the customer’s account on her computer screen. She discovers two unnecessary charges and a package the customer knows nothing about. She updates the plan, saving her customer $45 per month.

“That’s the value of going through a local business,” Rutherford observes. “I know about the billing. I understand installation. I’m third-generation here, so I know the terrain and what works in your area. This is not like the big corporations.

“Customer service is my bottom line!”



“As the business manager, Maryann Rutherford was the “boss” at Don Adams Satellite when Don Adams owned it.”

“Even Don will tell you that,” Rutherford says.

After 20 years of working for the founder, Rutherford bought the business in February 2018, when Adams retired. She credits her husband, John, with giving her the confidence to take the leap.

“Don started talking about selling the business two years ago,” Rutherford recalls. “My husband kept saying, ‘You should buy it.’ It never dawned on me that I could do this! My husband just said, ‘It’s OK, we will make this work. Just do it.’”

Then, Rutherford learned of a woman-owned auto repair shop nearby. The idea of a woman owning a satellite installation business suddenly seemed possible.

Getting through those first months as the owner was an act of faith. “God has opened every door for me. He’s gotten me this far, and those doors aren’t going to close,” Rutherford says. “This is something I’m supposed to do.”

Rutherford is banking her future on the reputation she spent decades helping to build. “This is a business of integrity,” she said. “I’m good for my word. Everything else will fall into place.”